I’m Kyle Plaugher. A fullstack software developer working on creating the future.

My tech journey began after discovering a love for software development post-college. With a unique background as a former professional Call of Duty player, I initially delved into the world of game development, leveraging strategic thinking and creativity honed in the gaming arena. I later discoverd the world of web development and fell in love with the creativty and endless possibilities.

Having made a successful transition into the tech space, I now specialize in web and mobile development, combining technical prowess with a passion for creating impactful digital experiences.

Early on in my journey I founded Studio Chimera - A tech and design studio entrusted to develop strategic solutions at scale to help you thrive in the digital world. This was a platform to work on exciting projects and assist businesses in establishing a robust digital footprint.

I am currently exploring new opportunities to further apply my skills and passion in software development. Open to exciting projects and collaborations, I am eager to contribute my expertise and creativity to innovative ventures. Let's connect and explore how I can bring value to your team or project.